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Scholarly Activity

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Residents at all levels are highly encouraged to participate in scholarly activity. Our residents are involved in a variety of projects, ranging from case reports to research. Their work has been presented at conferences in the Philadelphia area and all over the country, including the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society Colloquium of Scholars and the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Meeting. Our residents have also been published in several psychiatric journals.

Several years ago, the Einstein psychiatry department started its annual research recognition day where everyone involved in scholarly activity in the psychiatry department, including residents, faculty, psychologists, puts their work on display. This event allows for the department to come together to not only learn from each other, but also to recognize all of the hard work our colleagues do throughout year and to inspire new ideas for future projects. This event also has a poster competition.

Here is a small sample of some of our recent research:

Delirium Tremens After Admission: Limitations of a CIWA Protocol for Benzodiazepine Withdrawal on an Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Unit. Authors: Andrew Mumma, Megan Gilman, Carolina Retamero.

Shall I feed him or not? - The Curious Case of the Stiff-person syndrome. Author: Sherry Chandy.

Get the restraints. Author: Sherry Chandy.

Cognitive Biases - Friend or Foe?. Author: Sherry Chandy.

A Case of Psychosis in Neurosyphilis. Authors: Carey Myers, Padmapriya Musunuri.

A case of rapid liver enzyme elevation with olanzapine. Authors: Carey Myers, Carolina Retamero

End of Life Care in the Psychotic Patient. Authors: Carey Myers, Carolina Retamero.

Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis: a near-miss. Authors: Carey Myers, Ajita Mathur.

Use and efficacy of antipsychotics after surgery. Authors: Carey Myers, Carolina Retamero.

Navigating the evaluation and treatment of newly diagnosed hallucinations and dementia with multiple barriers in place: A literature review and case study. Authors: Marie Rodriguez, Ajita Mathur.

Dichlorobenze Inhalation Use Disorder. Authors: Kyle Ward, Carolina Retamero.

The Increasingly Recognized Challenges of Herb-Drug Interactions in Managing a Patient with Major Depressive Disorder. Authors: Phil Orlando, Carolina Retamero.

Major depressive disorder relapse after bariatric surgery in a previously stable patient treated with duloxetine. Authors: Yehonatan Shilo, Carolina Retamero.

The conscious and unconscious effects of slavery on middle aged African American males with depression. Authors: Yehonatan Shilo, Sarah Noble.

The Comprehensive Evaluation of a patient with brief reactive psychosis in the context of sexual assault: A Medical, Psychological and Legal approach. Authors: Rebecca Katz, Carolina Retamero.

Importance of Recognizing Overlapping Features of Catatonia, Dystonia, and NMS in a patient during his first Psychotic Break. Authors: Karl Oberg, Carolina Retamero, Ajita Mathur.

A passive suicide attempt by hyperkalemia? Medico –legal questions raised in management of mentally ill patients with medial comorbidities. Authors: Zev Zingher, Martin Switzky.

To Treat, or Not To Treat: Assessing and Treating Metastatic Disease in a Patient With Severe Chronic Psychosis. Authors: Marissa Goldberg, Carolina Retamero.

Phantosmia: The unrelenting smell of rabbit urine, a suicide attempt and management questions - a case report and investigation. Authors: Zev Zingher, Carolina Retamero.

How to manage the racist patient. Authors: Alaa Ahmed, Ajita Mathur.

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