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Scholarly Activity

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Residents at all levels are highly encouraged to participate in scholarly activity. Our residents are involved in a variety of projects, ranging from case reports to research. Their work has been presented at conferences in the Philadelphia area and all over the country, including the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society Colloquium of Scholars and the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Meeting. Our residents have also been published in several psychiatric journals.

Several years ago, the Einstein psychiatry department started its annual research recognition day where everyone involved in scholarly activity in the psychiatry department, including residents, faculty, psychologists, puts their work on display. This event allows for the department to come together to not only learn from each other, but also to recognize all the hard work our colleagues do throughout the year and to inspire new ideas for future projects. This event also has a poster competition.

Here is just a small sample of some of our recent scholarly activity:

Twice-Weekly Psychodynamic Psychotherapy through lens of Self-Psychology and Role of Empathy – Psychodynamic Case Write Up for Colloquium of Scholars by Tyler Fleming, DO, MPH

To treat or not to treat, a case of brief psychosis – poster for Colloquium of Scholars by Paulina Khodak, DO

COVID-19 and Delirium, A Retrospective – poster for the 2020 ACLP Conference by Phillip Shwae, MD

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder – published on PsyComPro by Dasylia Willoughby, DO

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