Conditions & Treatments

When it comes to your cardiovascular health, you want the most experienced specialists and the most advanced care. We treat a full range of vascular conditions, including:

Aortic Disease

As the largest artery in your body, the aorta is a critical part of your circulatory system and can cause serious heart problems when weakened or torn.

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Arterial Disease

Our team of board-certified vascular surgeons is highly experienced in the most advanced treatments for vascular diseases, restoring blood flow to help you live a long and healthy life.

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Venous Disease

When your veins do not effectively return blood to your heart, pain, swelling and blot clots can result that can be serious and life-threatening. At Einstein, our board-certified vascular specialists are experts at treating a full range of venous conditions.

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Lymphedema is the swelling of the legs or arms caused by the buildup of excess fluid. This can sometimes happen after heart or vascular surgery where lymph nodes become blocked or have been removed, though symptoms may not always appear right away.

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Wound Care Center

Poor circulation due to heart or vascular disease can lead to slower wound healing. Whether you are recovering from surgery or have other wounds that are not healing properly, Einstein's Center for Wound Healing offers the latest in advanced therapies and comprehensive wound treatment.

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Dialysis Access

If your kidneys are not functioning properly and you require dialysis, you will likely require vascular surgery. The most common type of dialysis access is called an arteriovenous (AV) fistula.

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Training, Education and Research

At Einstein, our vascular surgery team is actively invested in resident education.

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