Population Health

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The science surrounding the intersection of palliative care and population health is rapidly evolving, and palliative care teams play a central role in ensuring access to goal-concordant, high-quality, and high-value care for patients with serious illness. Einstein Montgomery Palliative Care is committed to innovation in this space and to furthering the advancement of palliative care in our community. Our goal is to train fellows not only to provide state-of-the-art clinical hospice and palliative care, but also to identify innovations at the intersection of palliative care and population health.

In this spirit, fellows use population health methods to prospectively identify patients who may benefit from palliative care, as well as in clinical screening and triage of these patients to the appropriate venue/interdisciplinary team member(s). Fellows are also integral participants in quality improvement and research projects that emerge from our unique palliative care and population health partnership. Finally, the essentials of population health are a core part of the didactic curriculum.
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