Residency Highlights

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The over-arching hallmarks of this program are excitement about emergency medicine, an emphasis on fundamentals, and engagement from the residents to improve the program, their experience, and their wellness/resilience.

Mentor-Mentee Longitudinal Program

We are proud to have developed and implemented a yearlong mentor-mentee program to provide our residents with consistent mentorship throughout their training years. Residents (mentee) are matched with an EM (Emergency Medicine) faculty (mentor) based on their interests and similar backgrounds. They meet on a regular basis to discuss issues related to their education, residency life, challenges at work, wellness, and career aspirations.

Individualized Learning Plans

An ILP (Individual Learning Plan) is an important tool for all residents to comprehensively let them set goals and be honest in self assessments.  Leadership will meet with residents individually to help establish an initial ILP and then build/update semiannual competency based ILPs as needed.  This could include patient care, medical knowledge or professional ILPs. Mentors will help guide your goal setting and assist in accountability!  Don't forget - goals are allowed to change!

e=mc2 Sessions!

This name was inspired from our residency program name because we recognize that not all residents learn the same way. So, we designed these hands-on sessions to replace a typical lecture-based conference day. This is when learning becomes fun! For example: using board games to teach multi-tasking skills, themed-activity days utilizing your senses, using Lego parts to help residents get to know their colleagues. etc.

Resident Leadership/Engagement

Early involvement and engagement in residency are essential to help provide "wellness at work."  We offer opportunities for residents to become class "reps" each year of training as well as opportunities to serve on departmental and institutional committees. We encourage our residents to be involved at a national level as well, supporting resident representation with EMRA and AAEM. And best of all - as a newer program, your feedback can directly help make changes and improvements that you can see before you graduate! 


Residents will be provided with:
  • Semiannual resident retreats
  • 5 Schedule requests per quarter during ED blocks
  • Resident-led hangouts including trivia nights, Jersey shore beach day, Phillies games, etc.
  • Positive work culture recognizing your hard work through “Stobes shout-outs" and the resident “Lifesaver award.”
  • Protected time once monthly from ED shifts for wellness activities / journal club attendance
  • Institutional financial support for regional and national conference involvement/presentations
  • Significantly subsidized health insurance
  • Up to 6 weeks of paid time off for parental leave
  • Access to mental health resources including free sessions for residents
  • Resources for financial well-being including life insurance and disability insurance

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