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Bruce's Story - Brain Cancer

After surviving a brain hemorrhage, Bruce Cunningham thought the worst was over. Then he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Severe blind spots and light sensitivity led Bruce to rush to Einstein's emergency room, where he was promptly admitted to the hospital for further examination. A CAT scan revealed a malignant tumor behind one of his eyes and Bruce needed immediate surgery to remove it.

"At first I thought, 'Why me?'" he says. Within 48 hours, a surgeon removed the tumor and Bruce went on recover at MossRehab-Einstein's internationally recognized rehabilitation facility.


Although he was now in a different part of the Einstein healthcare network, Bruce's doctors continued to work together to customize his cancer treatment plan. "I liked that everyone communicated with each other," he says.

Einstein's doctors wrote down everything Bruce needed to know to ensure he understood each step of his treatment and recovery plan. A social worker helped with all the paperwork required by his insurance company. "If I had a problem, I would just call her and she'd do her best to return my calls and direct me to what I needed," he says.


"Einstein seemed to have the best care for my situation."

- Bruce Cunningham


Bruce's treatment included a vigorous 40-day regimen of radiation therapy. Although he was recovering physically, he began to experience depression. On top of the stress of coping with brain cancer, Bruce's father passed away and his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Christine, a receptionist at Einstein, encouraged Bruce to attend an Einstein support group called Talk About What Cancer Can't Do To You. By going to weekly sessions with fellow cancer patients Bruce determined that cancer can't steal his love, hope, faith or inner peace; it can't crush his spirit or erase his good memories. Talking and sharing with other members of the support group helped him rediscover joy in life.


Today, Bruce sticks to the healthy exercise and nutrition regimen he learned at MossRehab and he stays positive. "I am happy now... I am a 100% better person," he says. "I received what I expected and more. When I went to Einstein, I felt like I was in the right place. Einstein seemed to have the best care for my situation."

"Even now, when I walk through the doors (at Einstein), most of the people know me and everybody has a smile on their faces. Even the cleaning lady comes over to talk to me. It's just a joy to be in a place where you know you're taken care of, and they know what you went through."

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