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Kathy's Story - Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor Kathy Reichner thought that something might be wrong when the radiology technologist took additional views during a routine mammogram. A few days later, her family doctor called with troubling news: an abnormality had indeed been seen on the study. He referred to a breast surgeon at Einstein.


Kathy arrived at Center One several days later. "I saw this person get out of a car and bound across the parking lot. I thought, 'Now there's someone who loves going to work.' I was so impressed by his energy and enthusiasm. When I went into the exam room, that very same person turned out to be my oncologist. When he examined me and went over my treatment options, I knew that I was in the right place and with the right person for treatment," says Kathy.


"From the minute I walked into the Cancer Center I could feel the compassion and caring."

- Kathy Reichner



Kathy was terrified by the thought of starting her treatment regimen. But the team at Center One put her mind at ease. "From the minute I walked into the Cancer Center I could feel the compassion and caring. Tina introduced me to everyone and made me feel welcome and safe. My nurse, Jackie, explained everything she did. She was kind, gentle and attentive the entire time," she says. "It was a very caring atmosphere."

When Kathy continued on to radiation therapy, the next phase of her treatment, her experience was equally positive. She appreciated the early morning appointments that accommodated her work schedule. Through it all, the emotional support she received from her Einstein physicians was just as important as their exceptional quality of care. "Dr. Morginstin and Dr. Montesano encouraged me all the way through to get out there and enjoy all of my normal activities," she recalls. "They told me to make sure I had fun everyday and not to worry about the cancer -- they were taking care of that."

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