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Games & Activities

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Below are some games and activities from our curriculum. Visit our YouTube channel for more activities on video!

Be Active Riddle Game | Ser Activo Juego de adivinanzas (PowerPoint)
Try to guess the activity words suggested by the pictures. Play against each other or as one big group.

Movement Charades (PowerPoint)
Act out the movement on a chosen card while others follow, or act out a secret movement while others guess what it is.

Physical Activity Matching | Physical Activity Matching (en Espanol) (PowerPoint)
Find the matching pair of physical activities hiding under the numbers.

Wheel of Physical Activity | Rueda de Actividad Fisica (PowerPoint)
Spin the wheel and do the activity in the space where it lands.

Shape Game | Shape Game (en Espanol) (PowerPoint)

Pick a shape and tell the color. Do the activity under the shape until the picture disappears.

Nutrition Craft Newsletter | Nutrition Craft Ideas (en Espanol) (PDF)
Pineapple fingerpainting, making watermelon plates, egg carton fruit trees and more.

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