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Einstein Center for Humanism

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Einstein's Center for Humanism's mission is to improve lives of healthcare workers and patients by infusing a culture of humanistic medicine utilizing story-telling and visual arts. We are reimagining a healthcare system grounded in empathic communication.

Einstein has inaugurated a Center for Humanism to cultivate joy in work for all hospital staff, to foster empathy and engagement amongst healthcare workers, and to formalize a commitment to compassionate communication between our health system and the population we serve.


  • Reconnect clinicians to the mission of healthcare through engagement with humanities
  • Harness the power of the humanities to promote self-reflection and self-care
    • Cultivates joy in work
    • Increases staff retention
    • Underpins a safer healthcare system
  • Foster empathic understanding between healthcare workers and our patients.
    • Improve patient care and enhance patient experience
    • Provide the highest quality multi-dimensional care in the region

A center for humanism within the Einstein Healthcare Network exposes healthcare workers across the hospital system to the medical humanities, aligns with Jefferson University (and SKMC)'s humanities programing, and exposes staff to literature and storytelling in medicine as well as visual arts. A staged introduction of seminars, singular hospital-wide events, promotion of individual projects, and individual mentorship and exposure instills a culture of humanistic care.

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