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Story Telling Sessions

"This was the most heart wrenching, impactful hour I have spent in my 23 years at Einstein."
"These events really are powerful and inspiring, and they open employees' eyes to the experiences of our coworkers. They also build a sense of empathy, community, and respect. It was really great to see the participation of so many senior leaders at the event. PLEASE keep hosting these!"
"This was so moving. Thank you for making me see more clearly and feel more deeply. We need to spend more time being human with each other. I'm proud to work and Einstein and thankful to all who were involved in putting this together." Einstein Employee

Narrative Medicine Community Reads

"I really enjoy these sessions. It's nice to feel connected to others in the network and discuss existential issues that face us all." Physician Participant
"This conference presented challenging material provoking intriguing thoughts." Physician Participant

Visual Arts Sessions

"Participating in this workshop during a pandemic felt transformative, like a moment of clarity after many long months of difficult work, one that I have been able to recreate in my drawing book since the workshop." Physician Attendee
"A few days after the workshop, I ran into one of my colleagues who participated in the same session. He happened to have his sketchbook and showed me his sketches of owls. Truly pair-sharing at its finest and an amazing moment of connection between us." Physician Attendee
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