Breast Health at Einstein has one focus. You.

Our specialists will build a plan that is unique to your needs. And then help you understand every step. We offer:

  • Advanced technology 
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Medical & Surgical Treatment Options
  • Second Opinion
  • Comprehensive Support

Wherever you are in your journey, from second opinions to support programs, Einstein's award winning physicians provide personalized and compassionate care.

The Award-Winning Team At Einstein Will Guide You

Dr. Archit Naik, Director of Breast Surgery and Women’s Health, and Dr. Lisa Jablon, Director of Breast Health
What truly differentiates the breast health program is the compassion and understanding of our staff. From the start of your breast health journey, through diagnostic studies and until the end of your treatment, your team will be by your side and available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

Learn more about our Breast Cancer program and our Mammography program's partnership with Solis Mammography.

Latest Advanced Breast Surgery Technology

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

Einstein Medical Center Montgomery advances breast care by offering new technology that enables breast surgeons to navigate to the precise location of cancerous breast tissue. Many breast cancers are treated with a lumpectomy or a partial mastectomy. The procedure aims to remove the cancer and save as much healthy breast tissue as possible. The critical step is for the surgeon to localize the exact spot where the cancer lies. Unfortunately, the breast cancer is not often visible to the naked eye. That is where localization by radiology comes into play using the new EnVisio Navigation System and SmartClip technology. Learn more about our new breast surgery technology here.

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia utilizes cutting-edge technology by SAVI SCOUT® which allows our surgeons to precisely find the target tissue in the breast to remove the cancerous tissue. This technology can give women more natural-looking breasts after surgery by limiting the amount of healthy breast tissue removed, and offers, quicker, less painful recovery.

Maresha's Story: Beating Breast Cancer At 28

A single mother diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at just 26 years old, Mareshah was in for the fight of her life. She credits Einstein with saving it.


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