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Words from Our Patients

Einstein Miraculously Healed Me

Kirk, Lung Cancer Patient

Throughout his life, Kirk always worked and played hard. When he started experiencing fatigue at his landscaping job, he wasn't prepared to slow down. "I was in my late 50's. I was having trouble keeping up with the younger guys," he explains, "I figured it was just my age."

His symptoms increased over time. Eventually, he drove himself to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, where he was admitted for tests. During a week-and-a-half-long hospital stay, doctors found a mass on his lung. Kirk was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

Treatment was aggressive. "I got 30 rounds of radiation and double chemo," explains Kirk. His reaction to such a rigorous regimen may be surprising. "It was a great experience. The nurses who worked in radiation were so kind," he says, even though treatment wasn't always easy.

At one point, his oncologist had to alter his medication due to an allergic reaction. Despite that, Kirk kept a positive attitude throughout treatment. "My father died of lung cancer," he explains, "but I had the utmost faith in Einstein. I really never had a moment of despair."

Kirk's treatment plan included surgery to remove half of a lung. However, when the surgeon inserted a bronchoscope into the airway, he could find no trace of the tumor. If there was ever a moment that most people will agree was great, it was hearing the surgeon say, "There's no reason to remove your lung."

Later scans confirmed the good news: Kirk was officially in remission.

"Einstein miraculously healed me," says Kirk, who today, looks forward to spending lots of time with his family and at his ritual weekend drag races. "I have a new outlook on life," he says, "I can't wait to see what comes next."

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