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Support Groups

Einstein is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care before, during and after treatment. Our heart health program offers services and support to meet many needs.


A collaborative initiative with Einstein electrophysiology physicians, physician's assistants, nursing staff and patients to help establish a community to promote physical, emotional and psychological well-being by providing ongoing education and support to ICD recipients, their friends and family members. Our hope is to help our patients achieve a healthier, happier adjustment to living with their defibrillator.

Date and Location

1st Wednesday of each month
Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia & Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park

Please call to reserve your space: 215-456-8247


Tobacco-related diseases kill nearly half a million people per year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. And millions of others live with life-altering diseases caused or made worse by smoking: cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, emphysema and many, many others. Einstein Healthcare Network helps doctors and patients learn more about smoking cessation and living healthier lives.


Good nutrition offers extra benefits when you're dealing with heart health. A healthy diet can increase strength and energy, and help you heal and recover as quickly as possible. At Einstein Cancer Center, a Registered Dietician is available to speak with you during your treatment. Call at 215-456-6648 and leave your name and number.


Bilingual staff and physicians are available to help non-English-speaking patients communicate in their language. Interpretation is provided for Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Mandarin, Italian, German, French and Vietnamese. With prior notice, interpreters will be provided for other languages. Please call our Language Interpreters at 215-456-6055 for more information.


We help hearing-impaired patients communicate by providing auxiliary aids such as qualified sign language interpreters and telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD). For patients admitted to the hospital, closed-caption television and a door knocker can be arranged by calling our Language Interpreters at 215-456-6055.

Training, Education and Research

At Einstein, our cardiology team is actively invested in graduate medical education and clinical research.

Accreditation & Partnerships



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