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Clinical Pastoral Education

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What is Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)?

Clinical Pastoral Education is a program of professional education for the provision of spiritual and religious care by persons of all faith backgrounds. Using a model of supervised action and reflection with a peer group sharing the learning experience, students provide care to persons in need and then reflect on and receive feedback about their work. Students strive to meet their individual goals contracted with their supervisor, and to meet the ACPE outcomes related to: forming an identity as a spiritual care-giver; knowledge and skills related to the provision of care; and development of reflective and self-supervisory abilities.

CPE at Einstein

CPE at Einstein is part of Chaplaincy Services, in the Department of Spiritual Care.. CPE Residents and Interns work in a supportive team with Staff Chaplains to provide care to patients, families, and staff in an institution that values meeting the spiritual, emotional, and cultural needs of a diverse patient population.

All students are assigned to their own clinical areas, and also have exposure to the full range of clinical areas and trauma work during their on-call shifts. Emphasis is placed on communication with and integration into the care-team with medical professionals.

Our programs use individualized learning contracts and supervision, an increasingly sophisticated series of verbatim formats, didactics, small group-work with peers, and self-evaluation for the CPE method of action/reflection learning.

Albert Einstein Medical Center is an urban, multi-cultural, seven-hundred and eighty bed teaching hospital setting with an historic Jewish identity, committed to care for all. Students work closely with the interdisciplinary care team, including language interpreters, to meet patient, family and staff needs.

The Inpatient Facilities of Albert Einstein Medical Center which are served by our CPE Chaplains include:

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia: Level One Trauma Center
Willowcrest : Sub-acute care facility
Moss Rehab/Einstein Medical Center Elkins Park: Rehabilitation Hospital, including the Drucker Brain Injury Center

Our Hospital Setting Specialties include:
Education; liver and kidney; transplant; neo-natal ICU; cardiac care; trauma; psychiatric care; orthopedic surgery; rehabilitation; geriatric care; and neurology.

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