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What is the application process?

Candidates may apply by using the standard CPE application found on the ACPE website www.acpe.edu under Prospective Students. Applications may be emailed, but applications also mailed hard copy to the Einstein CPE Certified Educator are preferred. Applications are accepted and interviews are scheduled on a rolling admissions basis. Students are accepted based on their qualifications, readiness, and demonstrated ability to both learn from the CPE methodologies and work with a diverse population of clients. Admissions decisions are also based on the needs of the program and to form a diverse peer group. The admission requirements are:

Completed application, interview with program supervisor, health screen and criminal background check, and:

Level I - undergraduate degree and some theological education; experience in ministry may be considered.

Level II - undergraduate degree and some theological education; successful completion of a prior unit of CPE with evidence of having met CPE Level I Outcomes. Provide CPE evaluations.

Mail applications hard-copy to:

Rabbi Leah F. Wald
Dept. of Spiritual Care and Mindfulness
Albert Einstein Medical Center
5501 Old York Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19141


For initial inquiries and general questions, please contact:

Rabbi Leah Wald, ACPE Certified Educator, Residency
Fax: 215-456-7212
Email: WaldL@einstein.edu

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