Program FAQ

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Are there additional requirements for international students?

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds. The Einstein CPE Program does not sponsor Visas for applicants.

Where can I find ACPE Program Accreditation information?

The Albert Einstein Medical Center CPE Program is fully accredited by ACPE to offer Level I, Level II, and Supervisory CPE. For more information contact:

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education
55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. Suite 835
Atlanta, GA 30308

How do I become a Chaplain, or what is the relationship between CPE and Chaplaincy certification?

ACPE, the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education accredits CPE programs to offer Clinical Pastoral Education. ACPE also certifies ACPE Certified Educators (formerly called CPE Supervisors). ACPE does not certify chaplains.

Chaplaincy certification is offered through several national organizations, including APC (The Association of Professional Chaplains), NACC (The National Association of Catholic Chaplains), and NAJC (Neshama Association of Jewish Chaplains.) A basic requirement for certification in these organizations is completion of four units of ACPE accredited CPE. Please see the website for each organization to read the specifics of their requirements, allowed equivalences, etc.

What is the stipend?
$36,000 plus a full benefits package including generous paid time off.

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