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MossRehab Neurologic Residency for Physical Therapists

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MossRehab Neurologic Residency for Physical Therapists - Program Info

MossRehab developed the first neurologic physical therapy residency program in the country, credentialed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in 2003. Since then, the program has produced 17 graduates, with 100 percent  passing the NCS examination and receiving specialist certification.

Our residency program provides an intensive, one-year experience combining clinical and didactic learning opportunities. The foundation of the program is over 200 hours of one-on-one clinical mentoring with expert clinicians at MossRehab. This occurs concurrently with clinical practice as a treating therapist: residents move through several clinical rotations within the programs offered at Moss. The resident will also receive >150 hours of instruction based on the APTA's Neurologic Description of Specialty Practice. Additional components include structured learning opportunities in areas related to clinical practice, teaching and scientific inquiry.

  Program Mission

The Mission of the MossRehab Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Programs is to provide practicing physical therapists an advanced level of clinical training that will enable them to take a leadership role in the treatment of individuals with functional limitations associated with neurologic deficits.  The program strives to create graduates who use evidence-based best practices to become accomplished patient-care providers that can serve as a resource and role model for peers and the community regarding neurologic physical therapy.  Residents completing the program will be prepared to sit for and pass the Physical Therapy Specialist Certification Examination in Neurology.

  Why choose the Moss Neurologic Residency Program?

As the oldest neurologic physical therapy residency program in the country, Moss’ residency program draws upon a wealth of experience.

Several of our previous residency graduates continue to work at Moss and are involved with the program. Moss has a cadre of experienced physical therapists with neurologic specialty certification (NCS) working in its main facility, many of which are mentors or lecture within the residency program. In addition to the formal mentoring that is a central aspect of the residency program, Moss provides a dynamic clinical environment fostering collaboration among physical therapists and those from other disciplines on the clinical team.  

  What is a physical therapy clinical residency?

A clinical residency program is defined by APTA as a post-professional clinical and didactic program for physical therapists designed to advance the resident’s preparation as a provider in a defined practice area. It combines opportunities for ongoing clinical supervision and mentoring with a theoretical basis for advanced practice and scientific inquiry. A clinical residency program is not synonymous with a “clinical internship” or “clinical fellowship”. For further information, click here for the APTA website.   


Mentorship is a crucial element of developing advanced clinical skills. Our faculty of dedicated clinician-educators has a collective of nearly 150 years of clinical experience. They include:

  Outpatient Neurologic & Vestibular Rehabilitation
Janine Brodovsky, PT, MS
Matt Vnenchak, PT, MS, NCS

  Inpatient and Outpatient Brain Injury
Kim Miczak, PT, NCS
Megan Muldering, DPT, NCS
Carolyn Tassini, PT, DPT, NCS, ATC

  Inpatient Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury 
Naomi A. Greenberg, PT DPT GCS
Sarah C. Grusemeyer, PT, MSPT, NCS 
Neera Prabhakar PT, DPT, NCS
Bryan Webster, MPT, ATP 

Individuals both within MossRehab and from the local community provide didactic instruction.  This includes professionals across a wide spectrum of clinical and academic perspectives. They include:

Kate Boyd, MSPT, NCS
Madeline DiPasquale, Ph.D.
John Feeley, MSPT
Eileen Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Laurita M. Hack, PT, MBA, Ph.D., FAPTA
Maria Lucas, PT
Claire McGrath, Ph.D.
Marcia G. Moore, PT, APT
Julie Mount, Ph.D., PT
Janet Parker, MSPT, NCS
Joseph Rubertone, MS, MPT, Ph.D.
Patty Rubertone, MPT, MSW
Steve Sepel, MSPT
Thomas Watanabe, MD
Bob Wellmon, Ph.D., PT, NCS
Steve Whittaker, PhD., OTR/L 

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