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Dental Endodontics - Curriculum

The Clinical Experience

In a recently renovated clinical facility, residents work in their own operatories, equipped with a chairside digital imaging X-ray unit and all the instruments and supplies necessary to practice modern endodontics.

The program is staffed by highly respected members of the endodontic community. Under staff supervision, residents develop advanced nonsurgical and surgical endodontic skills; use a variety of techniques, including the surgical operating microscope at each resident unit; and develop an individual endodontic treatment philosophy.


During the didactic phase, residents join other postdoctoral dental students in a basic science program at the  University of Pennsylvania . Weekly seminars, lectures, case presentations and formal endodontic courses in pulp biology and pathosis, diagnosis, emergency treatment, traumatology and surgery enrich the program. Residents also participate in current and classic literature seminars. In addition, residents must conduct and prepare for publication an independent research project. Close cooperation among the three endodontic residency programs in the Philadelphia area (Einstein, Temple, and Penn) enables residents to interact with a multitude of world-renowned endodontic clinicians and researchers.

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