Program Director Statement

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Welcome to Einstein Montgomery’s Emergency Medicine program!

It can go unspoken that when you think of emergency medicine, you envision a life full of excitement, trauma, adrenaline, resuscitations, and procedures. The goal at our 3-year community-based program is to show you that it can be that but also so much more. Our goal is to have you graduate with a well-rounded view of the practice of emergency medicine. That means we need to build upon that initial excitement by engraining in our trainees a sense of pride in providing patient-centered care while focusing on problem-solving, leadership and time management skills.

While residency can be a challenging time as you balance learning with a full-time job, we hope that our program can show you that residency does not just have to happen to you. It can, and should, be a fulfilling time of personal and professional growth. Here at EMCM, we like to set big aims and then figure out which roads will pave the way to get us there. We work towards establishing a foundational education utilizing a longitudinal didactics curriculum that incorporates simulation, spaced repetition, deliberate procedural practice, and a progressively challenging clinical schedule. We have an excellent teaching faculty that take immense pride in watching your knowledge and confidence grow in your time here, and afterwards in your career.

We are looking for applicants who understand that privilege exists in providing care to patients in their most vulnerable state; for future caregivers who are ready for the challenge of quickly developing relationships and establishing trust to diagnose, reassure, and educate. We hope to train adult learners with a growth mindset dedicated to self-discovery, as well the desire to be engaged in program development and longevity. We want you to not be afraid of getting your hands dirty and think on your feet while thinking outside of the box!

We are dedicated to holistic application review where our reviewers are initially blinded to potential identifying features such as photos, self-identification, age and hometown. We accept USMLE or COMLEX, and value any experiences life has thrown your way. As we continue to build the foundation of our program, we hope to create a program as unique as those who train here and the community we serve.

Our recent merger with Jefferson Health System has allowed us to build upon the unique and historical mission of Einstein Healthcare Network "With humanity, humility, and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach." We have the privilege to reach every single person who walks through our doors in the emergency department. I hope that you will want to embark on that journey with us!

Please take time to review the rest of our site and learn about the opportunities here at EMCM. We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming you to the specialty of Emergency Medicine.


Megan Stobart-Gallagher, DO

Program Director

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