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Curriculum and Rotations

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Our program provides a comprehensive clinical experience in diverse settings. Residents receive extensive training in outpatient pediatrics, inpatient pediatrics, subspecialty care, critical care, emergency care and care of the well newborn. In addition, the schedule provides electives that offer the flexibility to build on this knowledge base and explore areas of particular interest.


Einstein Einstein Einstein
1 Community Pediatrics and Advocacy
1 Well Clinic
1 Term Nursery
1 Adolescent
1 Sick Clinic
1 Well Clinic
1 Adolescent
1 Sick Clinic 
1 Sick Clinic
1 Einstein Community Healthcare Associates
1 Developmental
St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
1 Selective (Sick Clinic or Term Nursery or NICU)
1 Selective (Sick Clinic or Term Nursery)
2 General Inpatient
St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
1 Inpatient Oncology
2 General Inpatient
4 General Inpatient
1 Subspecialty Inpatient
Wills Eye Hospital - 1 Ophthalmology
1 Emergency Department
1 Emergency Department
3 Electives 4 Electives
Vacation - 4 weeks (2 weeks + 1 week + 1 week)
Vacation - 4 weeks (flexible combo) Vacation - 4 weeks (flexible combo)


Available Elective rotations at both Einstein Medical Center and our affiliate, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children provide a vast array of opportunities to explore various sub-specialties within pediatrics. Additionally, in the second or third year, training residents are allotted one elective to travel to an institution of their choosing. This may be used within the United States or internationally.


United States: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Nemours-DuPont, Standford, Miami Children’s, Boston Children’s, Sick Kids (Toronto)

International: Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Botswana, Belize

Continuity Clinic

Residents follow their own panels of patients and experience firsthand the physical and emotional growth and development of children, preventive care and the management of acute and chronic medical conditions, and the interaction of children, families and physicians. Residents have continuity clinic either one half day weekly or one full day weekly depending on level of training and rotation.


Rotational educational experiences are supplemented with a wide range of didactic conference experiences, including:

Morning Report

Perinatal Conference

ER Conference

Noon Conference

Clinical Pathology

Institutional Curriculum

Grand Rounds

“Free Time"

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

With 27 beds and over 600 yearly admissions, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Einstein Medical Center is a Level IIIb NICU capable of providing high-level acute care to our youngest patients. Our NICU is staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses in neonatal intensive care.

Our NICU provides our residents with the opportunity to become leaders in managing conditions resulting from prematurity, congenital malformation, respiratory distress, infection, neurologic and metabolic disorders, and other complications of pregnancy or labor and delivery.

The neonatal intensive care unit serves as a clinical rotation site for third year NICU fellows from Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children.

Pediatric Sim Center

As part of our program, our pediatric trainees participate in a Pediatric and Neonatal Mock Code Curriculum that takes place in the Pediatric Sim Center. This is part of the Einstein Center for Clinical Competency, which features state-of-the-art medical simulation technology to enhance the quality of training for residents, nurses and technicians. For more information click here.

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