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David Greenspan, MD, DFAPA
Title: Department Chairman

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Einstein Psychiatry Residency Training Program. With our Crisis Response Center, Einstein Healthcare Network, outpatient programs and our affiliation with the Belmont Behavioral Hospital, I am proud of the care we provide to our community and the high quality education we offer to our residents in a program that first started teaching in 1954.

Our board-certified physician faculty, with expertise spanning the field from electro convulsive therapy to eating disorders, children age 5 through older adults age 105, as well as our superb psychologists, social workers and rehabilitative therapists, are all proud of the accomplishments of the enthusiastic and caring residents that train with us every year. Our superb young professionals contribute to local and national meetings, help teach Medical, Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner students, and develop exceptional skills in evidence-based assessments and treatments, including psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, psychopharmacology, and stimulation therapy. Most take these skills and go on to fellowship training to become geriatric, child and adolescent, consultation liaison, or community psychiatrists, just to name a few.

There is nothing more satisfying than to be a part of Einstein today. We are growing to serve an ever larger number of diverse communities. We are exploring new models of care such as integrated settings side by side with pediatricians and primary care physicians. And, we are discovering how best to use new technology with electronic medical records and telepsychiatry. Change is with us, as is our commitment to the Recovery Model, strength-based, patient-centered care.

To be a dynamic member of our Department of Psychiatry, you will value our culture of caring for patients, each other, and the teams on which we serve. Our faculty will expect you to engage with them in a dialectical discourse as you travel your path of discovery. And, just as importantly, you will want to embrace the Mission of Einstein: "With humanity, humility and honor, to heal by providing exceptionally intelligent and responsive healthcare and education for as many as we can reach". If this all sounds like a good fit for you, I look forward to the opportunity to meet you.


Kimberly R. Best, MD
Title: Associate Chairman & Program Director, General Psychiatry

Thanks for visiting our website. I hope you are getting a sense of the atmosphere of our residency and department. Accredited since 1954, our program has a long history of graduating excellent clinicians who contribute to the psychiatric community both in the Philadelphia area and far afield. Many of our graduates have remained connected to the department in some way, which tells you something about their experiences here.

Although we are active in scholarship and mental health advocacy, we are clinicians first and foremost. We emphasize building relationships with patients. Because I firmly believe that we can't be good to our patients unless we are good to one another, I pay special attention to creating an atmosphere in which residents are supportive of one another. We try to be transparent in policy making, and acting with fairness and generosity are guiding principles when we need to make tough choices. I have been very pleased and impressed as I watch our residents and graduates build life-long friendships and choose careers of service to vulnerable populations.

Because we are a fairly large residency, we have a lot of room for diversity. Within each residency class and throughout the program and faculty, residents are likely to find colleagues who are part of whatever groups they identify with. This provides a good balance of difference and sameness. We contain the mix of race, national origin, sexual orientation, and religious groups that make up the United States, and also a mix of the subgroups specific to medicine-both IMG and AMG, and both MD and DO.

Many of our interns come directly from medical school. However, because I crafted an atypical career path for myself, I am alert for excellent applicants who may be atypical. We have had some outstanding residents who did something else after medical school before they found their home in psychiatry.

Although warmth and support characterize our program and department, we nonetheless know how to work hard and get things accomplished. Residents learn what needs to be done and how to prioritize. We serve a large number of very vulnerable individuals, and many cases are quite complex. Residents must track multiple issues efficiently and effectively. Our graduates know how to work in a fast-paced environment, and they send us notes of appreciation for their preparation.

We encourage our residents to look beyond the residency to the greater psychiatric community. Our department has a long tradition of leadership in the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society and the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society, often serving as presidents. We encourage our residents to participate in committees. Residents and faculty have won awards from the psychiatric society for outstanding contributions. We also have a long tradition of psychoanalytic teaching. Dr. Harold Kolansky developed the psychoanalytic curriculum of our department. I have served as a trustee at the national level of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry. I have encouraged residents to join this group and to become involved. I am also a member of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia and support residents in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this very accessible organization.

Every June it is a bittersweet experience for me to prepare the graduation remarks for each resident. I am sad to know that they will soon be moving on, that I will not see them regularly anymore. But I am impressed and pleased as I review their accomplishments and honors. Residency is truly a time of tremendous change. It is indeed an honor to be a training director!

Alexis Beattie, MD, MPH
Associate Program Director

Kyle Ward, DO, MS
Associate Program Director

Ryan M. Flynn, MHA
Title: Residency Program Coordinator


George S. Bell, MD

Vasco J. Daubon, MD

Adria Filmore, PsyD

 Brian Gallagher, PsyD

Valorie Haves, MD

Chioma Iheagwara, DO

 Jamie Jessar, PsyD

Inder Darshan Kalra, MD

Jonathan Kersun, MD

Jocelyn Lluberes, MD


Sarah Noble, DO

Hilary O'Neill, MD

Guillermo R. Otero-Perez, MD

Thomas B. Richardson, DO

Jorge Rivera-Colon, MD

Sumeet Sandhu, MD

Martin Switzky, MD

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