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Special Features:

Joe’s residency group: Dr Joseph Dilenno, an Einstein Alumni, graduated from Einstein Psychiatry about 40 years ago. He visits every week to talk with PGY-1 and 2’s about group process, psychotherapy, transference and counter-transference issues in Psychiatry. Residents talk about their issues within the program and patient issues, and as Joe says, “What happens in Joe’s class, stays in Joe’s class”.

During PGY-3, Joe continues with culture series lectures to help residents become apt at understanding cultural issues in Psychiatry.

Jeopardy and PRITE review: With the start of each summer, PGY2’s and 3’s get together to prepare presentations to review past year’s PRITE questions. We organize this with an internal jeopardy contest to make learning fun.

Teaching: Many medical and physician assistant students from Jefferson, PCOM, Drexel and other schools come to rotate in our inpatient units. Residents get good opportunities to teach and learn with the students.

Life as a Resident:

Hello! On behalf of all our residents and faculty thank you for taking the time to explore our webpage. Life as an Einstein resident is very rewarding both within and outside of residency. Residents have faculty and resident mentors who meet with them on a regular basis. In addition, the chief residents host regular resident meetings to address any issues or concerns as we go through the different years of training.

The call schedule, which is front-loaded, yet balanced, plays an important role in maintaining good work-life balance. Our program focuses on providing the PGY1 residents a strong foundation that would enhance their ability to take overnight calls as a PGY2 resident and by the time they are in PGY3, the call schedule is already much lighter. The night float system helps ensure that residents have time to enjoy family life as well as socialize and develop interests outside of residency.

Each year, the department sponsors a daylong retreat for residents only. Residents discuss different aspects of the program and have the opportunity to make recommendations to the chairman and training directors for further improvement while spending a day off work with their colleagues. In addition, residents enjoy socializing over food and film during the monthly movie nights and other events organized diligently by residents on the social committee.

Outside of work, Einstein Psychiatry residents have multi-faceted interests and enjoy local events such as art festivals, music festivals as well as events specific to their own cultural background. Philadelphia in itself is a haven for good restaurants, a delight for people interested in exploring multi-cultural cuisines. For those interested in sports and outdoor events, there are diverse opportunities they can explore.  A number of our residents have been runners, participating in the Broad Street run and other events.  Others have taken advantage of free art classes in the city, or joined a city-wide chorus.  Philadelphia has a lively indie music scene, and many sidewalk cafes for residents to enjoy.


Residents with families have the benefit of a variety of safe and quiet suburban neighborhoods to choose from to raise their children and enjoy family life.  Philadelphia has many family-oriented attractions, including the Please Touch Museum and the first zoo in the nation.

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