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Nadia Awad - Vascular Surgery

Charles Bakhos - Thoracic Surgery

Alexi Bloom - Trauma/Acute Care

Nikloas Chandolias - Transplant Surgery

Rashad Choudry - Vascular Surgery

Christin Collins - Breast Surgery

Ramsey Dallal - Bariatric Surgery and Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Evan Deutsch - Vascular Surgery

Cherie Erkmen - Thoracic Surgery

Richard Greenberg - Colorectal Surgery

Laurel Hastings - Vascular Surgery

Matthew Hubbard - Bariatric Surgery; Assistant Program Director - General Surgery

Aaron Ilano - Vascular Surgery

Lisa Jablon - Breast Surgery

Mark Kaplan - General Surgery and Trauma / Acute Care

Hitesh Kaul - Transplant Surgery

Kamran Khanmoradi- Transplant Surgery

Pak Leung - General Surgery and Trauma / Acute Care

Jared Liebman - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Benjamin Moran - General Surgery and Trauma / Acute Care; Associate Program Director - General Surgery

Archit Naik- Breast Surgery

Catherine Schermer - General Surgery

Robert Schiowitz - General Surgery

Jay Strain - General Surgery and Trauma / Acute Care

Radi Zaki- Transplant Surgery

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