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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EinsteinDirect?

EinsteinDirect is a brand-new telehealth platform, providing 24/7/365 access to quality medical care through phone and video consults.

Who are the EinsteinDirect doctors?

EinsteinDirect doctors are U.S. board certified in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, or Pediatrics. They average 20 years practice experience, are licensed in the State of Pennsylvania, and incorporate EinsteinDirect into their day-to-day practice as a way to provide people with convenient access to quality medical care.

Does EinsteinDirect replace my doctor?

No. EinsteinDirect does not replace your primary care physician. EinsteinDirect should be used when you need immediate care for non-emergent medical issues. It is an affordable, convenient alternative to urgent care and ER visits.

What kind of medical care does EinsteinDirect provide?

EinsteinDirect provides adult and pediatric general medical care.

What consult methods are available?

You can talk with a EinteinDirect doctor via a phone consult, video consult within the secure member portal, or video consult within the EinsteinDirect mobile app.

How do I set up my EinsteinDirect account?

Setting up your account is a quick and easy process online. Visit the EinsteinDirect website and click "Set Up Account". Follow the online instructions.

How do I request a consult to talk to a doctor?

Visit the EinsteinDirect website, or download and open the mobile app, log into your account and click “Request a Consult”. Once a consult is requested, the doctor can call you at the phone number you provide, if you prefer that option.

How quickly can I talk to the doctor?

Median call back time is just 10 minutes. If you miss the doctor's call, whether you are away from the phone or you have anonymous call blocker on, you will be returned to the bottom of the waiting list. The consult request is canceled if you miss three calls.

Is there a time limit when talking with a doctor?

There is no time limit for consults.

Can EinsteinDirect doctors write a prescription?

Yes, EinsteinDirect doctors can prescribe short-term medication for a wide range of conditions when medically appropriate. EinsteinDirect doctors do not prescribe substances controlled by the DEA, nontherapeutic and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential abuse.

How do I pay for a prescription called in by EinsteinDirect?

When you go to your pharmacy of choice to pick up the prescription, you may use your health/prescription insurance card to help pay for the medication. You will be responsible for the co-pay based on the type of medication and your plan benefits.

Is the consult fee the same price, regardless of the time?

Yes! EinsteinDirect charges one flat rate per consult, $49.

How do I pay for the consult?

You can pay with your PayFlex Mastercard (Flexible Spending Account), credit card, prepaid debit card or by PayPal.

If the EinsteinDirect doctor recommends that I see my primary care physician or a specialist, do I still have to pay the EinsteinDirect consult fee?

Yes. Just like any doctor appointment, you must pay for the consulting doctor’s time.

Can I provide consult information to my doctor?

Yes. You have access to your electronic medical record at anytime. Download a copy online from your account or call EinsteinDirect and ask to have your medical record mailed or faxed to you.

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