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Assessing the Needs of Older Adults

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Sometimes, as we get older we encounter difficulties; we may become more forgetful or have a harder time getting around. Such problems shouldn't be simply accepted as part of growing older. Health experts at Einstein may be able to find out what's causing you or your loved one to experience problems.

For example, forgetfulness is often a side effect of medications used to treat other problems like heart disease. Adjusting a dose can eliminate the forgetfulness.

Einstein's Division of Geriatric Medicine offers geriatric assessments. Using a team approach, a geriatrician, a geriatric nurse practitioner and a social worker, assess the physical health, functional status, psychological well-being and social/environmental setting of frail, older adults living in the community.

In this manner, the underlying reasons for illness, not just the symptoms, are discovered and treated.

Once the assessment is complete, the team makes recommendations to the patient's primary care physician. The team may also refer the patient for laboratory work or to appropriate social service agencies.

Assessments are conducted at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. Arrangements can be made for in-home assessments for the home-bound elderly.

To schedule an appointment for a geriatric assessment, call (215) 456-5608. 
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