After-Surgery Care

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Einstein will continue to help kidney transplant recipients recover after surgery by creating a post-surgery regime that includes regular check-ups with your nephrologist and transplant surgeon. To support a comprehensive recovery, Einstein also provides an in-house social worker, transplant coordinator, psychologist, and financial counselor.

Medication Schedule

Immunosuppressants, medication that helps your body accept your new kidney are prescribed following surgery. The kidney transplant coordinator will explain and schedule a full medical regimen following transplantation.

Counseling Services

As a life-changing procedure, organ transplantation can cause stress to you and your loved ones. Einstein offers all transplant recipients and their loved ones counseling services.

Support Groups

Einstein's kidney transplant process includes support services for both transplant recipients and their loved ones before and after surgery. We match kidney transplant candidates with previous transplant recipients who are available to walk you through every aspect of dealing with transplantation via the unique Einstein Buddy Program.

Einstein also cultivates an active community of monthly pre- and post-surgery support groups attended by fellow patients and family members experiencing similar health challenges.

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