Evaluation & Waiting List

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Patients must schedule a kidney transplant evaluation at one of Einstein’s kidney transplantation locations in order to become eligible for a kidney transplant.

Transplant Evaluation

You will meet Einstein's kidney transplant team and learn about the transplant process at your evaluation. Please bring any previous test results, as well as copies of CAT, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy and other scans, to your appointment.

Kidney Transplant Waiting List

Eligible kidney transplant patients are placed on the nationwide United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list pending examination and approval.

Potential recipients on this kidney transplant list are evaluated objectively and treated equally.

Learn more about transplant evaluation and statistics at the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

Register with Multiple Transplant Centers

If you are currently on dialysis, do not assume you are on the kidney transplant list. To improve the possibility of receiving a kidney, transplant candidates are allowed to register at two or more transplant centers. Speak to your healthcare provider to register at Einstein and additional hospitals located near your home.

Kidney Champion app

The Kidney Champion app makes the search for a living kidney donation more manageable for patients and for those supporting those in need of a kidney transplant. Resources, tools and social media outreach are now conveniently found in one app and can help increase the chance of finding a potential donor. 

Learn more about the app or download the app directly from Google Play or iTunes App Store

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