Adam Nanni's Story

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When Adam Nanni got a diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease -- a disorder that can result in painful enlarged kidneys -- he was not totally surprised. The disease ran in his family. "I think on some level I was expecting it," he says.

As Adam's kidney problem progressed, he began dialysis treatments. But fatigue and weight loss caused by dialysis took such a toll that Adam began to consider kidney transplantation.

Multiple listing increases transplant options

Adam was placed on a kidney transplant waiting list in his home state of New York in September 2001. While waiting for a kidney Adam discovered he could broaden his options by also putting his name on a list in Pennsylvania.


"The level of professionalism of every staff person at Einstein was the absolute best."

- Adam Nanni

After doing some research Adam selected Philadelphia's Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. "The most important factor for me in choosing Einstein was their experience," he says. "Their surgeons perform a lot of transplants."

New York patient finds matching donor in Philadelphia

Adam was listed on Einstein's transplant list in March of 2005. Three weeks later a transplant nurse coordinator called and told Adam they might have a kidney for him. Adam rushed to Einstein Medical Center. Tests showed the kidney was a match and he received the organ.

How did Adam get such fast results so soon after being put on its list? He'd been on a waiting list in New York State since 2001 and that accrued time got transferred to the Pennsylvania waiting list. This "time served" meant he moved up on the list.

New kidney brings on youthful energy

The transplant went smoothly and Adam returned to his active life. He credits Einstein's staff and his many supporters with making the process as easy as possible.

"The level of professionalism of every staff person at Einstein was the absolute best. They were all so caring and supportive," Adam says. "And of course, I couldn't have gone through with the transplant without the love and support of my family and friends," he adds. "My wife Patty and kids were with me all the way."

"How I feel today and how I felt before my transplant are like night and day," he says. "I actually feel like a 25-year-old, that's how much energy I have."

Adam hasn't forgotten how far he's come. He still makes regular visits to the dialysis center - not for treatment but to encourage patients to consider transplantation.

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