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Liver Disease and Transplantation

Liver Transplantation

Einstein specializes in two types of transplant: deceased donor and deceased donor partial liver transplant. Donated organs can be transplanted into a single recipient or split into two halves and transplanted into two different recipients. Split livers will regenerate, adjusting to each body.

The Transplant Process

Einstein offers a variety of support services to help you and your family members through the process of liver transplantation.

During your liver transplant evaluation, you will meet the Einstein transplant team, learn about the medical process and if you’re eligible for transplantation.

The next step is scheduling a visit where you'll receive advanced diagnostic tests. Please bring any previous test results and copies of CAT, MRI, ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy and other scans with you to your appointment.

Once approved for transplantation, you will be put on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list. You will also be given a MELD score, which rates the severity of your condition and determines where you are placed on the liver transplant waiting list.

All patients on the waiting list are evaluated objectively and treated equally.

Registering with Multiple Transplant Centers

Transplant candidates are able to register at two or more nearby transplant centers to increase the chances of receiving an organ. If you are already registered with another nearby hospital, you may also register at Einstein.

Einstein's commitment to patient health continues long after surgery. Following surgery, we will schedule consistent check-ups with your hepatologist and transplant surgeon to follow your progress and recovery. Einstein also offers support from our in-house transplant coordinator, social worker, nutritionist and financial counselor.

Immunosuppressants, medicines that help your body accept a new organ, are prescribed following transplant surgery. The liver transplant coordinator will help explain and schedule your medical regimen following surgery.

Einstein offers affordable accommodations for out-of-town transplant patients and their families.

The Gift of Life Family House provides temporary lodging and support services for the families of transplant patients. Guests enjoy a home-cooked dinner daily, shuttle service to appointments, and access to staff who can assist them.

Einstein also partners with York North, a luxury apartment complex on the main hospital campus. Patients and their caregivers who require housing can stay at York North while they attend appointments and procedures. Family may also stay at the Hospitality House, located at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia.

Your transplant social worker can assist with your housing needs. The average cost is $40/night (subject to change); the maximum stay is one month.

Einstein offers various support services for transplant recipients, both before and after surgery.

Counseling Services:
Liver transplantation is a major procedure that can easily cause significant stress. Counseling services, at Einstein or elsewhere, are recommended to help you return to your life and the joy that accompanies good health.

The Einstein Buddy Program:

This program matches transplant candidates with someone who has been through the transplant process before. This person can help answer your questions and provide support.

Support Group Meetings
Einstein offers monthly support group sessions before and after transplant. These sessions discuss topics and provide education related to the entire transplant process. The support group can help you deal with your chronic illness, understand treatment options, discuss lifestyle management and other issues related to your transplant.

Our team hosts monthly support groups for organ transplant recipients and their families or caregivers. Topics include nutrition, thanking donor families, insurance issues, and more.

Transplant Community Events

Einstein's Liver Transplant Program stays involved with you, your family members and the transplant community through the Gift of Life Donor Program's Annual Transplant Walk/Run. We sponsor a team for the event.

Clinical Trials

Through our clinical trials program, Einstein offers some of the most cutting-edge experimental therapies available anywhere. Talk to your doctor to learn more and see if you qualify for any ongoing trials.


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