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Mindfulness Programs

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10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditations

When: Every Wednesday at Noon

Call in number is 1-425-436-6318, access code 613477#.

Call-In Guided Mindfulness Meditations

This has been a hard time in so many different ways. It can be helpful to take a few minutes to pause and re-center. All are invited to free 10-minute guided mindfulness meditations, on the phone (all you need to do, is listen!)

When:Monday through Thursday. 7:45 AM and 7:45 PM. Also, Wednesdays at noon. Continuing through at least the end of February 2021.

Call-in number: 1-425-436-6318. Access code: 613477#.

If you're asked for a passcode or anything like that, just press #. If you prefer to remain anonymous, when asked to say your name, just press #. You're welcome to join the call after the start time; in order to do so quietly, please just press # instead of saying your name at the prompt.

Mindfulness Coaching

One-on-one and small group mindfulness coaching is available for Einstein outpatients. For more information, call or email Laura Romano for more information at romanola@einstein.edu, 215-456-9799.

Mindful Eating: Transforming Your Relationship with Food and Eating

Via the Zoom platform

Tuesdays from January 19th to March 9th, 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Open to employees, outpatients and community members from all locations.

Has covid-19 exacerbated some of your struggles with food and eating habits? A 6-week zoom program, "Mindful Eating: Transforming Your Relationship with Food and Eating" will help you focus on re-establishing (or creating for the first time!) a healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating. The program is based on one designed by an M.D. and Social Worker with more than 20 years of experience, and it has some newly added information and exercises related to creating long-term habit changes. You'll learn about the difference between fullness and satisfaction, options for working with "stress eating" and cravings, and working with 9 types of hunger.

Because thousands of people and a consensus in the medical literature have found that dieting does not work as a long-term solution, we don't discuss diets or weight in this program. Instead, we'll explore the connection between mindfulness and food/eating habits through a variety of experiential exercises, simple meditations, gentle movement, and helpful information and discussion. It lays down a path that if taken in small steps, can lead to the ability to make nourishing choices for yourself.

To discuss questions about either program, or to arrange a Zoom meeting for your department or unit, call Laura at 215-456-9799.

You can access 5 and 10 minute mindfulness recordings anytime here.

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