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Einstein's New Arrivals Clinic provides specialized care for newly arriving refugees, asylees and immigrants to the United States.

Refugee Family
We offer high-quality healthcare in a comprehensive medical setting for newly-resettled immigrants and refugees.

A Complete Exam within 30 Days of Arrival

Each year, the Philadelphia area welcomes new arrivals through several long-standing US government programs, including the U.S. Resettlement Program (USRP) and the Special Immigrant Visa program. These immigrants are provided with a comprehensive medical exam within 30 days of arrival. The New Arrivals Clinic, a partnership between the departments of medicine and pediatrics, works with local resettlement agencies to coordinate services.

We offer comprehensive medical care including:

  • Screening for infectious diseases as recommended by local, state and federal health guidelines
  • Assessment of nutrition and growth
  • Screening and referrals for behavioral health concerns, including PTSD
  • Review of overseas immunization records and administration of vaccines
  • Provide referrals to subspecialists including vision and dental care
  • Transition to ongoing primary care services

At the New Arrivals Clinic, we understand that navigating the healthcare system and adjusting to life in the US may be difficult first. We work closely with patients and resettlement agencies to coordinate medical and mental healthcare. We ensure that families are prepared to enroll their children in school and provide close follow up of growth and development. We aim for culturally competent and trauma informed healthcare that allows all newly arrived immigrants to thrive in their new home.

Meet the team:

Mayssa Abuali, MD: Director, Einstein Pediatric New Arrivals Clinic

Mina Baisch, NP: Lead Coordinator, Einstein Pediatric New Arrivals Clinic

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