Nursing Careers

Nursing at Montgomery

At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, our Nursing Department is committed to continuous learning so we can understand and effectively employ the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and deliver the best possible patient care and experience.

Our Nursing Excellence Program encourages nurses to grow as professionals, take on any challenge, advance in their units and move into new specialties if they desire. Nurses at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery are also involved in important patient care decisions, including our recent addition of state-of-the-art patient beds and other equipment upgrades, and nurse-driven research.

Our nurses themselves have received many awards, including frequent DAISY Awards, and 81 nurses who recently received 2021 Excellence in Nursing Awards from Main Line Today.

In 2018, nursing leaders at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery earned the 2018 Delaware Valley Patient Safety and Quality Award. They instituted a program using capnography, which measures how much CO2 is exhaled, for patients on the medical/surgical floor who were deemed high-risk for respiratory arrest. This tool sounds an alarm in seconds when a patient is in respiratory distress, and in those cases a nurse would rouse the patient with a simple shoulder shake. This intervention has since been expanded throughout the hospital.

Our nursing division has also won a number of awards for vascular access, patient safety, and quality. All of our clinical practice guidelines and policies are grounded in evidence.

Supportive, Empowering Environment

At Einstein Montgomery, we value each of our nurses as a whole person. Our nurses can attest to a supportive, empowering environment with colleagues and leaders who encourage each nurse to grow professionally and personally, to contribute frequently and to expand their career here.

Nurses are highly valued by all medical colleagues. We have a robust Registered Nurse First Assistant program in the emergency room, labor and delivery, and other units. Collaboration among our nurses extends far beyond individual units, and if a particular unit is in need -or a particular nurse feels overwhelmed - there's always someone ready and willing to help.

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