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Behavioral Health

Behavioral health nurses serve a population that is underserved and stigmatized – patients who frequently have limited resources, care access obstacles and a variety of comorbid illnesses.

Behavioral health nurses have contributed tremendously over the last century-plus to the specialty's body of knowledge and helped push the profession's scientific evolution. Nurses with this specialization are also frequently at the front line advocating for patient and workplace safety in legislative settings.

Behavioral health nurses at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia assist each patient in dealing with their mental health condition as well as the social determinants of health that influence their recovery and overall wellness. Our nurses are trained in de-escalation techniques, which promote safety through anger and aggression management, as well as therapeutic interviewing and our Community Behavioral Health Practice Guidelines. They are true patient advocates, functioning as liaisons between patients and their interdisciplinary treatment teams. They implement treatment plans that put each patient at the center and regularly evaluate and communicate their progress.

Holistic Mindset

Our nurses are detail-oriented in their patient assessments and very attentive to verbal and non-verbal communication from their patients. They approach patients' care with a holistic mindset and regularly consult with patients' spouses, family members and others engaged in their care to promote the best possible patient outcomes.

Input from our behavioral health nursing team is highly valued in every decision about processes and technology. Our nurses regularly demonstrate resilience and perseverance, quickly adapting as they deal with patient crises. Their sharp critical thinking and problem-solving skills make them natural leaders in change management. Their relationship with the rest of the interdisciplinary behavioral health team is professional and collaborative. Team members meet daily and collaborate continuously on each patient's care, from entry to discharge.

Behavioral health nurses at Einstein Philadelphia have regular access to development programs and attend outside conferences. Einstein Philadelphia has recently adopted the HANDLE WITH CARE® Behavior Management System, and we are in the process of certifying all nursing staff.

Behavioral health at Einstein has been recognized by the city of Philadelphia as an integral partner in managing the mental health and substance use epidemics throughout the tri-state region for decades. The work of the behavioral health nurse is essential to supporting and preserving these communities.


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