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Critical Care

At Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Critical Care is divided into three intensive care units (ICUs), three step-down units and a telemetry unit with a cardiovascular intensive care unit (CICU). These sub-units treat patients with a wide variety of medical needs - from ventilator care, to sepsis and serious renal and cardiovascular conditions, to trauma and post-transplant recovery.

Critical Care nurses at Einstein Philadelphia can specialize in areas like:

  • Progressive care for patients weaning off a ventilator or tracheotomy
  • Neurological care for patients with seizure disorders, Guillain-Barré and other neurological syndromes, and brain and spinal cord tumors or injuries
  • Surgical step-down for patients who have undergone transplants and other major surgeries
  • Telemetry and cardiovascular intensive care for patients with cardiomyopathy, arrythmia, or other cardiac disorders as well as those recovering from cardiovascular surgery

While the role of a Critical Care nurse is very challenging due to the high level of patient acuity, there are many opportunities for career growth and specialization. Nurses in this unit pursue life support and surgical specialty certifications, special procedural training, and regular education and professional development to ensure they can provide the best and most up-to-date care for patients.

It is a highly collaborative environment, with nurses at all levels, physicians and technicians working together to implement the most effective evidence-based practices and meeting about evolving regulations. Nurses regularly participate in interdisciplinary rounds, serving as the "voice" for their patients, and they are involved in care committees and strategic planning efforts.


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