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Watson Theory of Human Caring

In 2005, the registered nurses on the Network Nursing Council selected Watson's Theory of Human Caring as the framework for nursing. The theory was chosen for multiple reasons. First was the relevance of caring across multiple practice settings. Second, values in this theory were ones the nurses wanted to adopt, promote, and advance. The key principles of the theory as defined by Watson were closely aligned with many of our organizational values and culture. For example, two tenets of the theory are the formation of  a humanistic -- altruistic system of values and sensitivity to self and others. This directly relates to the mission and vision of the hospital and the core values of respect, affinity, and empathy.

After the theory was selected in the process of being advanced a dialogue was held at the November 2007 Network Nursing Council meeting. The purpose was for the group to envision what they wanted nursing practice to look like in the future. Key concepts were identified for incorporation into the mission, vision and philosophy of nursing. During the January 2008 strategic planning retreat, further input was obtained from the nursing leadership team and the mission, vision, and philosophy was created.

In October 2010, Einstein Healthcare Network was invited by Dr. Jean Watson to become a Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) Affiliate based on formal presentations by a select group of Einstein Healthcare Network registered nurses and leaders at the October 2010 International Caritas Consortium on how the theory was being practiced lived within our organization. The only criteria missing was an official visit from Dr. Watson. The site visit was March 2011, and Einstein Healthcare Network has been successfully re-designated annually. As registered nurses began to understand, integrate, and practice the theory at a deeper level they recognized a need to have a Mission, Vision and Philosophy that was aligned with Watson's (2008) revised theory, Nursing: The Philosophy and Science of Caring. The revised Mission, Vision and Philosophy was created with input from registered nurses across Einstein Healthcare Network in October 2013.


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