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Welcome from the Network Nursing Council

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On behalf of Einstein Nursing it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Nursing section of our website. My name is Percival Magat, and I am honored to represent Einstein Nurses in my role as Chairperson of Network Nursing Council. I have a broad clinical background after 18 years as a nurse with the past 9 years here at Einstein in Rehab. I am very proud to be a part of a dedicated, caring and compassionate nursing team.

The nursing profession is a most rewarding, yet challenging career. Nursing gives me the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life each day. As the field of nursing expands and evolves, we nurses are often faced with issues within the organization or even at the national level that can impact the way we provide nursing care. Recent, and ongoing changes in healthcare makes the challenge greater. Yet, amidst the fast-changing dynamics in healthcare, Einstein Nurses understand that our patients remain our primary focus and clinical excellence is our highest priority. We continually strive to improve quality in our nursing practices and care of patients.

At Einstein, we acknowledge the critical role of our bedside nurses. Our shared governance structure is founded on principles of partnership, equity, accountability, and ownership. This enables frontline nurses to utilize their professional autonomous voice to inform the delivery of nursing care within their units, specialty areas, and the Network.

Einstein nurses demonstrate strong teamwork and good communications and both are essential in providing quality care. With guidance from our Chief Nursing Executive Gina Marone, we continue to build upon our commitment to structural empowerment through nursing shared governance, and evidence-based practice, research and innovation. Our organizational structure, processes, and outcomes all support nursing excellence.

Einstein nurses have demonstrated a commitment to professional development with our team already above 82% of nurses prepared at the BSN or higher nursing degree, and almost 41% certified in a specialty. This enables us to appropriately explore the safest and best practices for our patients and nursing environment. Evidence-based practice and research projects, interdisciplinary teamwork activities, nurse education and certification advancements, and our caring science projects are highlighted in our annual Shared Governance Leadership Summit. Our goals and objectives aligned with nursing's strategic plan are also discussed in this summit. Please check out our annual report at this site where you can read our stories about nursing practice excellence.

To my peers, I want to commend you for all your efforts in making Einstein an exceptional place to work and to receive care. Your commitment to our patients, organization and profession is outstanding.

I am happy to represent our Einstein Nurses and proud of what we accomplish. Together, we can ensure we provide the highest quality nursing care that is sensitive to the needs of our patients, families, and our employees.

Chairperson Percival B. Magat
Percival B. Magat


Percival B. Magat, BSN, RN, CRRN, WCC

Chairperson of the Network Nursing Council


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