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Hip Care & Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip joint is one of the most common joints to wear down over time, resulting in pain, stiffness and difficulty standing and walking. If medication, physical therapy and lifestyle changes do not effectively relieve your symptoms, your doctor may recommend hip replacement or arthroscopy.

At Einstein, our surgeons are specially trained in total hip replacement and minimally invasive surgery. We have performed thousands of successful operations, including the most challenging cases, and are leaders in hip replacement in Philadelphia and Montgomery County.

Hip Arthroscopy

Your surgeon can insert a tiny camera into your hip joint that can be used to view the cartilage and structures of your hip in great detail. This minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery can be used to determine if you need hip replacement surgery, or if your condition can be treated during the procedure. If you have bone spurs, loose bone or cartilage fragments around your hip joint, hip dysplasia or impingement, a joint infection, or certain types of arthritis or inflammation, your surgeon may be able to relieve your symptoms with this procedure.

Total Hip Replacement

If you have hip pain that interferes with your everyday activities or stiffness that limits your hip movement, and anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy and walking supports do not provide sufficient relief, it may be time to consider hip replacement surgery.

Your doctor will review your medical records, perform imaging tests, discuss your options with you, and work with you, your family and the rest of your orthopedic team at Einstein to develop a comprehensive, personalized plan.

Prior to surgery, your doctor may recommend that you lose weight if you are overweight to help reduce stress across the new joint, and that you donate blood in case you need it after surgery. You will also be asked to undergo a dental evaluation to make sure that you do not have any tooth or gum issues that could permit bacteria to enter your bloodstream.

Einstein's orthopedic surgeons specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques, including total hip replacements with an anterior approach. In an anterior hip replacement your surgeon will make an incision in the front of your hip instead of the side or back, which helps spare your leg muscles and shorten your recovery time. The surgery itself takes a few hours, during which your surgeon will replace the damaged bone and cartilage with a new artificial hip joint.

The orthopedic surgeon, nurses, physical therapists and social worker that make up your care team will all work together to provide seamless, coordinated care. You will be able to start walking on your new joint immediately after surgery, and you will be encouraged to move around in order to reduce the risk of a blot clot and speed up your recovery. While some patients may be able to undergo a same-day total hip replacement, it is common to require a short inpatient admission for pain control, physical therapy, and post-operative planning.

Osteonecrosis Care

Osteonecrosis occurs when the blood flow to the bone is insufficient. This can occur as a result of poor circulation, vascular occlusion, or without a discernible reason. Bone cells begin to die faster than new ones are created, which leads to cartilage death and bone deformity. The pain and dysfunction of osteonecrosis is particularly prominent in the hip joint.

Your doctor may recommend a variety of surgical treatments depending on how severe the osteonecrosis has become and where it is located. These include core decompression surgery, which involves removing some of the bone from the affected area to improve blood flow, bone grafting, repositioning the healthy bone to support the weight-bearing joint surface, and joint replacement surgery.

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