Pain Management

About Einstein Pain Institute

The objective at Einstein Pain Institute is to go beyond reduction of pain, to improve the quality of life and increase the ability, and therefore, activity level and functional productivity of the patient.

Our Philosophy

Einstein Pain Institute helps patients manage their chronic pain and resume more normal, productive lives. Drawing on new diagnostic technologies, this multi-disciplinary pain management center provides some of the latest advances in pain relief and partners with referring physicians to develop evidence-based plans of care individualized to patients' needs.

In addition to our technologically advanced diagnostic pain treatment options, when appropriate the Einstein Pain Institute specialists collaborate with experts at:

Suggested guidelines for customized patient assessment and management of chronic pain may include:

  • Intervene early if possible
  • Determine the cause of pain through advanced diagnostic testing
  • Identify specific, realistic therapy goals
  • Ease pain and improve function using the simplest, least invasive treatments first
  • Teach coping strategies and other competencies that empower patients and their families to manage pain and regain control
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