Marjorie's Story

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Determined to Find Relief for Debilitating Back Pain

I had lived with back pain for 25 years but then it got really debilitating. I had difficulty standing on my feet for long periods of time in the kitchen cooking, and I had to stop golf and exercise. Between my age, arthritis and stenosis the pain just kept getting worse. I am not the type of person who's willing to accept pain without investigating every possible option for relief. I felt there was somebody that could help me and I was determined to find that someone.

A Trusted Referral Leads Marge to the Einstein Pain Institute

I went to a physiatrist and followed a physical therapy regimen. It helped, but never truly relieved the pain. My physiatrist felt that whatever was causing my pain was too deep for his type of treatment, so he suggested I come to the Einstein Pain Institute.

I made an appointment with the Einstein Pain Institute and was nervous at my first visit. I was glad when their staff put me right at ease. They were kind and compassionate and understood what I was going through.

Compassionate Care from an Expert Team

I had my preliminary examination with Dr. Ahsan who thought my x-rays were quite remarkable. He said the pictures weren't pretty, but he felt he could help me.

Dr. Ahsan recommended an epidural injection, possibly more than one. I had heard of other people who had epidurals and knew that some people had success while others hadn't. I was willing to try it.

I had my first injection within 10 days of my initial appointment. I was a little fearful of what was going to happen, Dr. Ahsan and his team were very patient. He explained the whole procedure to me and explained what I might expect as a result of the treatment.

After the first epidural I felt some relief, but not a tremendous amount. Dr. Ahsan suggested we do the second epidural. It was the same procedure, just another spot on the spine. It took about 15 to 20 minutes. After the second epidural I felt tremendous relief from my pain.

Life Restored

A year and a half later, my husband and I were planning a trip to Australia and I was nervous that such a long plane ride would set the pain off again. Dr. Ahsan suggested another epidural because it would help me if anything occurred. I had a third injection and took the long 14-hour plane ride without any difficulty. We plan to do a lot more traveling now.

I've now resumed my normal activities. I feel that anyone who is suffering with pain should not stop seeking relief without exploring every option. I know sometimes things can't be always fixed; but when you're fixed, your outlook is so much better and brighter when you know you can do what you always have been used to doing and what you like to do. I would suggest they have a complete workup at the Einstein Pain Institute and hopefully they have as good a result as I had.

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