Palliative care is complex symptom management regardless of prognosis or goals of care discussion. At Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, our care is designed to treat pain and other symptoms associated with serious illnesses at any point during an illness.

Palliative care expands traditional medical treatments by:

  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Combining treatment with curative therapies
  • Optimizing function
  • Assisting with decision-making

Palliative Care services are for patients who are seriously ill or faced with chronic health problems, such as:

  • Symptoms associated with cancer, advanced heart, lung, liver, kidney, vascular or neurological diseases
  • Uncontrolled pain or pain that is difficult to manage

Starting Palliative Care

Our palliative care team will assess your medical history, current care plan and you and your family's needs and goals. We will discuss our recommendations with your physician so appropriate changes can be made to your care if needed.

Our staff will work in conjunction with your physician to monitor your treatment. Members of our palliative care team include:

  • Nurse practitioners
  • Social workers

Treatments & Services

Palliative care can be delivered anywhere: at home, in a nursing home, in an assisted living facility or at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery. We offer various types of support:

Einstein's palliative care team's utmost goal is to provide comfort to patients. We identify each patient's source of pain and work tirelessly to control or alleviate distress.

Patients may also suffer from a variety of serious symptoms, including difficulty breathing, fatigue and weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, depression and anxiety. Our team works with patients' physicians to introduce personalized therapies and treatments to manage these symptoms and provide proactive care.

A serious or chronic disease affects both mind and body. Whether it's a nurturing doctor, attentive nurse practitioner or dependable social worker, Einstein's palliative care team is a constant source of support, comfort and knowledge. Our years of experience caring for patients just like you or your family member have given us an understanding and ability to provide emotional and spiritual support.

Healthcare, especially in situations of chronic and serious illness, can be cumbersome and complicated. Einstein's palliative care staff help patients and their families understand the disease process and you or your family member's condition and prognosis. We want every patient and their loved-ones to make informed decisions about treatment options and the goals of care.

Caring for a chronic or terminally ill patient is not an individual effort - it involves the entire family. An Einstein palliative care social worker can assist families to arrange additional services and care, including counseling and crisis intervention for patients and their families, as well as assistance with advanced directives, DNR orders and living wills.

Training & Education

At Einstein, we have clinical expertise in all core domains of Palliative Care medicine and are actively invested in resident education.

Learn more about Palliative Medicine fellowships at Einstein Philadelphia and Einstein Montgomery.

Accreditation & Partnerships

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