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MYEinstein Health Patient Portal

MYEinstein Health Patient Portal is a free, secure web-based site that gives you access to your medical records so you can be more actively involved in your own healthcare.


Patients have a right to keep their healthcare information private. Einstein Healthcare Network wants you to know what those rights are, how Einstein uses the information it receives, and forms you can use to give specific instructions regarding how that information is used. 

Visiting Policies

Learn more about the guidelines Einstein Healthcare Network established to protect you and to continue your treatment while enabling your loved ones to visit.

Advance Directives

In the event that you are unable to advocate for yourself, Advance Directives will give you the option to appoint someone to make healthcare decisions for you and provide instructions for your care, including end-of-life decisions.

Patient Safety

Einstein Healthcare Network uses preventive measures like ID checks and infection control measures to keep patients safe. Our code of conduct standards are communicated to all visitors.

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