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Who can use MyEinsteinHealth?

MyEinsteinHealth is available free to all current Einstein Healthcare Network patients and employees over 18 years old with an email account. We recommend that all Einstein Healthcare Network employees use a non-Einstein email account for the patient portal, as this is the email address used to reset your password and may be made inactive if you are no longer an Einstein employee.

If desired, any MyEinsteinHealth patient can also grant proxy to another person in order to view his or her record.

Is my information safe?

Einstein Healthcare Network uses a secure server to protect your sensitive information and ensure your privacy. We use a secure socket layer (SSL) connection to encrypt all information you choose to submit to us before it is sent to us on our web site. Einstein Healthcare Network does not share or sell your information to any outside organizations.

We will ask for your email address in order to set up your account. Once set up, you will choose logon settings to access your private account. 

How can I sign up?

To get started with enrollment to your My Einstein Health, ask your healthcare provider to register you at your next appointment or admission to an Einstein facility. Currently, My Einstein Health registration requires an in-person visit to an Einstein Healthcare facility (hospital, doctor offices, out-patient centers, etc.) for security purposes. Creating your account will give you secure, password protected access to your health information and medical records.

How do I use MyEinsteinHealth?

You can access MyEinsteinHealth from any electronic device. Just go to www.einstein.edu and click on the MyEinsteinHealth> icon at the top of the page.

To change your portal password, follow the “Forgot my password” link and enter the email address used to set up the account and your security question from your account signup.

If you cannot remember your PIN number, follow the reset password in the email you received to regain access to your account.

If your email address changes, log in to MyEinsteinHealth, click on the icon to the right of your name and open “Notifications”. Here you can change where communications related to your account are sent.

To cancel or deactivate your patient portal, first log in, then click on the icon to the right of your name and select "Account". Click on "Update Account" settings, then select "Delete Account".

If you do not see any information in your profile, you may not have any information to add yet, or it has been less than 36 hours since your information was gathered (the amount of time necessary to post information). Information from other hospital systems is not available on MyEinsteinHealth.

What if I need help?

Your primary care provider can answer specific questions related to your medical record. Contact your primary care provider if you

  • Are looking for specific lab results not on your MyEinsteinHealth record (currently, radiology and
    biopsy results are not available on MyEinsteinHealth)
  • Wish to obtain education information about your medical diagnosis or lab result
  • Wish to obtain a copy of your entire medical record
  • Notice that information listed on the portal is incorrect
  • Need more information than is available on the portal

If you are having technical difficulties or trouble logging in, please contact the Cerner help desk at 1-877-621-8014. 

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