Interpreter Services

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As a patient, you have the right by law to communicate medical information to your care giver(s) in your native language.

How It Works

Einstein interpreters provides over 47,000 interpretations a year in more than 50 languages.  Interpreters are available 24-hours-a-day at Einstein, as required by federal law. Whenever possible, a live interpreter is used; other times, interpretations are performed over the phone or with video-mobile.

Interpretations are arranged by Einstein staff. When you contact Einstein for an appointment, ask the person scheduling your appointment for an interpretation and let them know which language you speak.

No Cost to Patients

The service is free of charge and includes:

  • In-person, spoken language interpreters for Spanish, Korean, Cambodian, and Russian
  • Video-Mobile interpreter service
  • Sign language (ASL) interpreters
  • Telecommunications devices for the hearing-impaired
  • Video sign language or phone interpretations at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

Cultural Interpretations

In addition, Einstein makes culture brokers available upon request. A culture broker may be called upon to explain a cultural difference that affects medical care or treatment to a patient's healthcare provider.

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