Protective Services

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The Department of Protective Services is here to provide a safe environment and to serve you whenever issues of security arise. We oversee several functions, including keeping you and your belongings safe, investigating security issues, responding to emergency situations, and controlling access to parking and buildings. We have several staffed stations and offices on our Philadelphia campus.

Police & Security Contact Information

Security "STAT": 215-456-6911
Command Center: 215-456-6918
24/7 Security Escort: 215-456-6918
Lost & Found: 215-456-6918
Non-emergency Security Phone Number: 215-456-6918
Security for fire emergency only: 215-456-6911

Administrative Offices

Our administrative offices are located at 1319 Tabor Road, directly across from the Heart/Cancer Center building entrance. Office hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Security Command Center 

Located on the ground floor of the Lifter building at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, the Security Command Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Police Mini Station

This station offers a quick response to incidents while serving as a visible deterrent to crime. It functions as a satellite facility to coordinate resources between officers in the 35th District and the Philadelphia campus.

In addition to patrolling by vehicle and on foot, we have other ways to respond whenever we are needed. 

Bike Unit

The Bike Unit, which was established to address the Philadelphia campus setting, can respond in situations where access by vehicle is difficult. In some cases, the Bike Unit can even respond more quickly than officers patrolling on foot. 

24-Hour Wireless Call Boxes

A call-activated video feed enables officers to see and assist callers with campus information or emergencies.

Patient and Visitor Safety Technologies

Einstein Healthcare Network offers several technology-based measures help to help keep patients and visitors safe.

Hugs Bracelet System

The Hugs Bracelet System matches newborns with their parents shortly after birth. In the event a child is taken outside of the designated area without the knowledge of parents or staff, an alarm is immediately triggered. 

Visitor Pass System

When a guest visits, the patient's information is checked, and the visit is electronically recorded before the guest is issued a pass. We deliver compassionate care to you and your loved ones in a variety of other ways. 

General Campus Safety

Security Escorts

If a patient or visitor needs assistance traveling from one location on campus to another, we can provide an escort by vehicle or on foot, or assist with taxicab requests.

Vehicle Assistance

We can help with getting a car started or changing tires, write vehicle vandalism reports, or provide assistance in the event of an accident. We also provide parking management services, including garage and valet service

Property Assistance

We can provide storage of clothing and valuables during a patient's stay. We also conduct property damage investigations.

Police & Fire Liaison

We serve as a link between local officials and visitors to the Philadelphia campus. Our officers monitor and respond to fire alarms, provide missing person assistance, assist with domestic abuse and investigation situations, and provide all report writing and follow-up.

Safety and Comfort

We also work to assure your safety and comfort in a variety of ways, such as enforcing Einstein's non-smoking policy, writing slip and fall injury reports, and conducting regular inspections of fire extinguishers and call boxes. In addition, we conduct water leak investigations, assist with helicopter landings and take offs, and conduct weapons confiscation and lockup.

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