Focusing on delivering the latest minimally invasive treatments and therapies with a personal approach that treats patients like family, we offer the most advanced, evidence-based care for a full range of urologic conditions.

Cancer & Urologic Oncology

Using advanced diagnostic and screening tools and minimally invasive procedures, we offer comprehensive treatment options for all types of cancer that may affect a person’s urinary system.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Einstein Healthcare Network’s expert urologists have diagnosed and treated thousands of cases of ED. We work closely with you or your loved one to develop a personalized treatment plan to help restore sexual function.

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Female Pelvic Medicine

Our specially trained physicians, nurses and physical therapists offer compassionate and comprehensive treatment of urologic conditions specifically affecting women, including pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and pelvic pain.

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General Urology

Treating every individual patient with expert attention and discreet, personal care, we are experts in the full spectrum of urologic diseases and disorders, including problems urinating, incontinence, bladder stones and more.

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Kidney Stones

As one of the region’s top kidney stone facilities, our experts combine cutting-edge treatment with preventative medicine and education to manage and eradicate kidney stones.

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Urologic Trauma, Reconstruction and Prosthetics

Einstein has become a national destination for patients seeking the best care for urologic trauma - conditions that can cause the inability to urinate, pain during urination or sex and a variety of other conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You would see a urologist for a urinary tract condition, or if you are a man, to treat conditions affecting your reproductive system. Both women and men may see a urologist to deal with painful urination, bladder control issues, kidney stones, bladder and kidney cancer, or urinary tract infections. Men may specifically want to see a urologist for matters related to sexual health or an enlarged prostate.

A urologist can help with incontinence, frequent urination, urinary tract infections, kidney disease, bladder prolapse, enlarged prostate, male infertility, and cancers that affect the urinary system or the male reproductive system.

A urologist will examine a man in the same way most doctors examine their patients. They will ask questions, take blood and urine for testing, and request imaging tests such as a CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound. A urologist may also use a cystoscope to examine the urinary tract and perform a rectal exam to check the prostate.

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Karl’s Story

After a near fatal motorcycle accident, it wasn't until he discovered the experts at Einstein Urology that his real internal issues were healed. We treat patients like Karl every day.


Training & Education

At Einstein, we have clinical expertise in all core domains of urology and are actively invested in resident education.

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